Pre Press

The pre-press facility at Lovely Offset Printers Pvt. Ltd., is equipped with high-end equipments and licensed softwares to meet the clients needs. The highly trained designing and pre-press team ensures that your job is processed to get the best results and is committed to perfection.

Scanning is done on Colour & Designing correction are made with a wide range of Power Macs and PC Workstations.

Digital proofs on high-tech Epson Stylus Pro 9600 printer is provided to the client to benefit a glimpse of the colours that is very nearest to final machine printed output.

Keeping pace with technological advancements, Digital workflow on CREO Trendsetter 800 Quantum acts as the spine to ensure perfect registration on press. With colour bars, registration marks, cut and fold marks, created and directly imaged on the calibrated
computer-to-plate system from CREO, we endorse a very high print quality.