Binding Division

Post-press operations are an important and integral part of the job. Proper finishing to a well-printed job makes a good job great job. We have one of the finest binding units in the country that is capable of handling any type of binding. We bind your books, whether it is saddle stitched or perfect bound or hard bound, with ease on our sophisticated machinery.

A complete hard cover book line with a Horauf case maker, a Kolbus book block preparation unit and a Muller Martini Casing-in line can produce upto 50,000 books a day. The binding unit is well supported by 6 folding machines, Muller Martini Ventura Sewing machine and three knife trimmers. Our Acoro A5 perfect binder can produce upto 100,000 soft cover, perfect bound books a day.

Lovely Offset - Binding